Side Match Help

We are beginning to gear up for the Ohio State Shoot (Shootout at Hard Times) and are seeking help with the side matches once again this year. The time schedule for this year will be:

11:00 12:40

12:40 2:20

2:20 4:00

If you are shooting the Wild Bunch Match or the morning Cowboy Warm Up Match you should sign up for either the 12:40 or 2:20 shift. If you are shooting the afternoon Cowboy Warm Up Match you should sight up for the 11:00 shift. The following side matches will be held:

Speed Pistol

Speed Rifle

Speed Shotgun

Pocket Pistol/Derringer

Long Range

If you are able to assist with the side matches, please let us know what time you can work and which side match you would like to work.

Everyone who works a side match will be entered into a drawing for a free Shootout at Hard Times entry for next year. We can be contacted either via email at or by phone at 740-974-7329.

Smokie and Honey