2017 Hard Times Match Information

         Normally second Sunday of each month, March through November.

February 12th Cowboy Shoot
March 12th Cowboy Shoot
April 9th Cowboy Shoot
May 14th Cowboy Shoot
May 26th 28th State Championship Cowboy Shoot
June 11th Cowboy Shoot
July 9th - Cowboy Shoot
August 6th Cowboy Shoot *
September 10th Cowboy Shoot
October 8th Cowboy Shoot (Chili Cook off)
November 12th Cowboy Shoot
December 10th Cowboy Shoot

* First Sunday warm up for Guns Of August

 8:30-9:30 am 



Mandatory Shooter's Meeting

10:00 am

Shoot Starts

Match Fees: $20.00*

Junior  / Buckaroos: Free

[* excludes Ohio State Championship]

Refreshments can be purchased at the club house.

Post-match grub, free if you shoot.

All SASS rules apply!


Wild Bunch Categories


Will be shot duelist style using one semi-auto, 1911 single stack 45 cal. Military Spec. pistols, with 5 inch barrel. 


Maybe shot two handed using one semi-auto 1911 single stack 45 cal. Pistol with 5 inch barrel.  Almost all stock 1911s will work in Modern class.  Except no race guns or IPSC type mods.  No wrap around grips, thumb rests, no optical or aim point sights, or extended mag wells.  


Must be 59 years of age or older to shoot this category.  You may shoot duelist or two handed with either Mil Spec or Modern 1911 single stack 45 cal. Pistol with 5 inch barrel.  


Ladies and Juniors required to have at least 3 participants for category or will shoot in any other category of there choice, and may shoot two handed in any category, with either a Mil Spec or Modern 1911 single stack 45 cal. Pistol with a 5 inch barrel. 

Ammunition Limitations


Pistols limited to 1000 ft/sec

Rifles limited to 1400 ft/sec

Shotgun limited to low velocity (low brass), 7.5 shot or smaller diameter